Needle Valve In India, Butterfly Valve


What is Needle Valve?

A Valve consisting of a small port and a threaded needle shaped plunger, allowing precise flow of regulation through valve mechanism

What is the function of Needle Valve?

Our Needle Valves controls the volume of liquid that flows in small lines.

Factors While Choosing Needle Valve?

The important factors to be considered for Needle Valves are System Pressure, Size of Valve, operating temperate and material used in the construction of Needle Valve.

Needle Valve for Variety of Application

Needle Valve is used where small flow rate is required. Payal Engineering offers Needle Valves for most applications.

How to differentiate Needle Valve from Other Valves?

A Needle Valve controls the flow of liquid that passes through the valve making a right angle turn passing through an orifice that seats a rod with a cone-shaped tip, the size of the orifice changes reliant on how much or how little liquid flow is required.

Types of Needle Valve:

Clients can avail from us customized range of Needle Valves biz. Industrial Needle Valve, Hydraulic Needle Valve, Stainless Steel Needle Valve, High Pressure Needle Valves, Flanged Needle Valve and others.

Needle Valve Price :

Our Needle valves are available at extremely competitive prices. For further inquiry about the prices of our products, kindly fill in the enquiry form. We will contact you, in a business day.