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Needle Valve Manufacturer in Iran

Payal Engineering is proud that to introduce ourselves as an innovative manufacturer, supplier and exporter of industrial valves such as needle valves, manifold valves, two-way manifold valves, instrument check valves, and instrument needle valves. Payal Engineering, founded in 1985, is a well-established and profitable valve manufacturing firm in Iran. We offer a technologically innovative, highly dependable, and productive variety of valves under the brand name "Payal (PED-LOCK)". Our unique combination of experience and knowledge allows us to deliver cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and durable solutions to improve the efficiency and smooth operation of our clients' businesses. One of the top producers and suppliers of needle valves in Iran as Payal Engineering. These valves are constructed from premium bar stock or forgings and come in a variety of sizes, sealing techniques, end connections, stem kinds, and angle and straight pattern options.

Needle Valve manufacturer in Iran

Instrument Needle Valve, SS Needle Valves, Hydraulic Needle Valve

We are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of all types needle valves, as like Instrument Needle Valve, SS Needle Valves, Carbon Steel Needle Valve and Hydraulic Needle Valve etc. Our needle valves are carefully designed to fulfill the highest standards set by the industry. at (Payal Engineering-Iran), quality is non-negotiable. Each needle valve undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets or exceeds international quality benchmarks. We are committed to providing products that perform consistently and stand the test of time. As a global exporter, we take pride in contributing to the success of businesses worldwide. Our export operations are characterized by efficiency, reliability, and adherence to international standards. No matter where you are located, you can trust [Payal Engineering] to deliver top-notch needle valve solutions that meet or exceed your expectations..

Needle Valve Manufacturer Iran:

Product Name: Needle Valve

Type: [Instrument Needle Valve, SS Needle Valve, Carbon Steel Needle Valve, Hydraulic Needle Valve etc..]

Body Material:[ SS 316,SS 304,C.S.,Hastelloy,Monel etc.], Pressure: 6000 Psi

Valve Size: 1/4" to 2", Brand: PED-LOCK, Ball Seat: PTFE,Delrin

End Connection: BSP,NPT,BSPT,ODT

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Our range of Products

  • Manifold Valve
  • 2 Way Manifold Valve
  • 3 Way Manifold Valve
  • 5 Way Manifold Valve
  • Instrument Check Valve
  • Instrument Needle Valve
  • Pressure Gauge Accessories
  • Pressure Gauge Cock
  • Syphon Gauge Cock
  • Gauge Root Valve
  • Syphon Tube
  • Quick Release Coupling
  • Two way ball valve
  • Hydraulic 3way ball valve
  • SS needle valves
  • High Pressure Needle Valve
  • Carbon Steel Needle Valve
  • Instrument Air Manifolds
  • High Pressure Ball Valve
  • Compression Tube Fitting
  • Condensate Pot
  • Air Header
  • Hydraulic Needle Valve
  • Hydraulic Ball Valve
  • Hydraulic Check Valve
  • Flow Controls Valve

All Types Needle Valve Exporter Price in Rupees

Products Min Value Max Value
Manifold Valve 250/- 3500/-
Needle Valve 200/- 1200/-
Instrument Needle Valve 400/- 2000/-
Pressure Gauge Accessories 400/- 5800/-
Gauge Root Valve 1130/- 4000/-
Two way ball valve 1000/- 5000/-
Hydraulic 3way ball valve 1230/- 3800/-
SS needle valves 475/- 10000/-
High Pressure Needle Valve 450/- 1200/-
Carbon Steel Needle Valve 320/- 1800/-
Instrument Air Manifolds 1200/- 3900/-
Hydraulic Check Valve 560/- 5000/-
Flow controls valve 195/- 4000/-

Manifold Valve Manufacturer in Iran

We{Payal Engineering} is leading manufacturer, suppliers and exporter of manifold valves in Iran. A manifold valve is a type of valve arrangement that consolidates multiple valves into a single unit. The purpose of a manifold valve is to simplify the control and regulation of fluid or gas flow in various industrial processes. Manifold valves are commonly used in applications where multiple valves need to be grouped together for efficient operation. Manifold valves provide a means to control the flow of fluids or gases in a more centralized and organized manner. One of the key advantages of manifold valves is their ability to provide centralized control and regulation of flow, enabling precise management of fluid or gas in complex systems. These valves often incorporate features for isolating specific sections of the system and facilitating the integration of instrumentation devices like pressure gauges and temperature sensors.

Instrument Needle Valve in Iran

We take pride in being a premier manufacturer and exporter of high-quality Instrument Needle Valves in Iran. With a commitment to excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of precision-engineered valves that cater to the diverse needs of industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, and more. Instrument Needle Valves serve several critical functions in various industries, particularly in applications where precise control and regulation of fluid flow are essential. Instrument needle valves are very helpful to the chemical and petrochemical industries, particularly when handling corrosive materials. These valves' strong sealing mechanism reduces the possibility of leaks, improving operational efficiency and general safety. These valves are essential parts of wellhead control systems in the oil and gas industry, giving operators the ability to manage pressure and maximize output.

SS Needle Valve in Iran

Payal Engineering: They are Iran’s Well-known manufacturer and supplier of SS Needle Valve. "SS needle valves" typically refers to needle valves that are made of stainless steel (SS). Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant and durable material, making it well-suited for various industrial applications, especially in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern. The term "SS" is an abbreviation for "stainless steel." The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel, particularly grades like 316 stainless steel, contribute to the longevity and reliability of SS needle valves. This makes them a preferred choice in critical applications across a spectrum of industries, including oil and gas exploration, petrochemical processing, chemical manufacturing, and water treatment plants. The ability of stainless steel to withstand harsh chemicals and high-temperature variations positions SS needle valves as essential components in systems where maintaining fluid or gas integrity is paramount.

Hydraulic Needle Valve in Iran

The leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Needle Valve in Iran at low price. A hydraulic needle valve is a particular kind of valve used in hydraulic systems for exact control and regulation of fluid flow. These valves, which have an unusual needle-like stem, enable operators to precisely control the hydraulic fluid flow rate. The tapered needle design allows for precise control by offering a way to adjust the amount and speed of fluid that passes through the valve. In hydraulic systems, where regulated flow, pressure, and movement are necessary for the effective operation of machinery and equipment, this degree of precision is critical. These valves are frequently used in situations where sudden or excessive fluid flow could cause equipment damage or operational inefficiency. One of the primary advantages of hydraulic needle valves is their ability to provide precise control over the flow of hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic needle valves are versatile and can be used in a variety of hydraulic system components, including cylinders, actuators, and other equipment.

Carbon Steel Needle Valve in Iran

Payal Engineering is an established manufacturer and vendor of premium carbon steel needle valves in Iran. Our distinction in the business stems from our dedication to precision engineering and excellence. Being a top provider, we're skilled at making needle valves out of sturdy carbon steel that will hold up in even the most demanding situations. We are aware of how important our valves are to industrial processes. Because of this, every Carbon Steel Needle Valve goes through a rigorous quality assurance procedure. Our dedication to adhering to global standards guarantees that our valves not only fulfill but also surpass our clients' performance requirements. Extensive testing ensures our valves' dependability, durability, and safety even under the most demanding circumstances.

Flow Controls Valve In Iran

We are most prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Flow Controls Valve in Iran. A Flow Control Valve serves as a critical component in fluid-based systems, designed to regulate and control the flow rate of fluids within a wide range of applications. Employing a variable orifice design, these valves allow operators to precisely adjust the opening size, providing control over the speed and efficiency of fluid flow. A popular kind of flow control valve is the throttle valve, which modulates the orifice with tapered needles or cones to allow for fine control in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. There are two types of flow control valves: pressure-compensated and non-compensated. The former automatically adjusts to variations in pressure in order to keep the flow rate comparatively constant. Numerous sectors, such as chemical manufacture, water distribution, oil and gas processing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and water distribution, use these valves. Flow control valves, whether manually or automatically operated, improve efficiency, safety, and precision in fluid handling processes while guaranteeing accurate and constant flow regulation. This helps to optimize system performance.

Payal Engineering is one of the Top Needle Valves Exporters in Iran

Being one of the leading Needle Valves exporters in Iran, we take pride in providing superior solutions that are customized to meet each client's specific demands. Our dedication to innovation, dependability, and client pleasure distinguishes us in the cutthroat industry. We understand the importance of timely deliveries in the fast-paced industrial landscape. Our logistics and supply chain management ensure that your orders are delivered promptly. We are dedicated to making sure our customers are happy even after the sale. Our committed customer service team is available to help with any questions, offer technical support, and make sure your experience runs well. Contact us today for inquiries, quotes, or to discuss how our valves can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your industrial processes.

(FAQs) About Needle Valves

What is a needle valve?

A needle valve is a type of valve with a slender, tapered point at the end of a valve stem. It is designed for precise control of flow in small-diameter piping systems.

How does a needle valve work?

Needle valves regulate the flow of fluid through a tiny opening by progressively raising or lowering a plunger that resembles a needle. Precise control over flow rates is possible thanks to the fine adjustment.

Can needle valves be automated?

Yes, needle valves can be automated using actuators. This allows for remote or automated control of the valve, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of flow regulation in various processes.

Can needle valves be used with various types of fluids?

Needle valves are versatile and can be used with a wide range of fluids, including gases and liquids. The choice of material for construction depends on the compatibility with the specific fluid.

Can needle valves be used in gas applications?

Yes, needle valves are commonly used in gas applications. It's important to select the appropriate material and design based on the type of gas and the specific requirements of the application.

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